Planning your next vacation to a tropical destination and do not know what to pack? You have many options and do not know what to choose? It's normal, it happens to us all. I always end up wearing more clothes than I really need, that's why it's always key to find inspiration for places you're going to visit, you can find the instagram location and take some ideas, it's also advisable to inform you about the weather in the place, but to help you a little more, we have some ideas of what you can wear from Trendysuper in your next vacation! From womens cover ups to the most stylish dresses ever. Also if you're looking for the latest trends on cheap swimwear online, you should take a look. Scroll down below for our favorite looks! 


This pattern has become a classic in any summer wardrobe, there are many variations but this is the style that has taken most in the last year, you can find it on shirts, pants and obviously dresses, which is our favorite way to wear it .

A Cover-up is literally the first piece of clothing you pack when you go to the beach, it's perfect because you're covered if you're going to dinner but you're not so formal as to feel uncomfortable.

The fabrics are a growing trend for this summer, it is easy to wear, it gives a beach style to any outfit, it is light and you can use it every day even if you are not on the beach.

If you want something more striking, with a pattern that catches your attention, this is what you are looking for. The colors of this dress highlight your tan in a unique way, it is not attached to the body but you can make your curves notice in a sensual but relaxed way.

If you want a more fun, more colorful style to wear with sandals and walk the beach, this is the perfect example of what you can use, and has two uses, you can be on the beach as well as to go out to dinner and you will see always pretty and chic.


There is no style more comfortable and simple than this cute little dress, it is a very breathable fabric and the style elevates the simple fabric. You can be very sure that you are going to be comfortable with this dress, you can use it as you want, whether with a jacket on top, with sandals or sneakers, the sky's the limit!

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