Motherhood sometimes does not leave us time to enjoy our new body and this new stage with style, we are so busy that we do not think about how much we lose from ourselves throughout this period. If you are looking for mothers in social networks many of them only transmit the positive and obviously for their work you will always see them well dressed and groomed, but let's be honest, that work is not for many but today we want to make you feel like a mother influencer and nothing better than Cutieppies for that.

They are a super nice store for mothers who want to be fixed during this new process but obviously without spending too much, they have all kinds of fashionable maternity dresses to choose from within your budget. I know it is difficult to find a balance between work, daily life and motherhood but finding an ally in style is a plus in life!


The stripes will always be your ally, they make you look more stylized, taller, more curvilinear and you will always look perfect for any occasion as they are a classic!

Same here with this dress! Stripes is pretty much your good old friend in motherhood. Long, loose and pretty striped dresses are your bff for a really long period of time but it's ok because they're so pretty that you will never be mad about it 

Maybe what your wardrobe is missing is a more Spanish, European style! This color is the only one you should wear this summer, it is a beautiful color if you want to look more beautiful in your day to day without putting much effort.

How doesn't look good with this color? The blue baby dress is a very subtle color but it will always make you look more feminine, delicate and stylized wherever you go.

Do you have a formal occasion and no dress serves you? This lace dress is perfect for any type of event, just look at it! They even have maternity gowns for photoshoot if you're looking to do a maternity shoot with your baby.


  1. Amazing style and inspo!

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