Finally, my favorite season, with coats and my favorite most stylish shoes ever, boots. This fall/winter do yourself a favor and check out all this new designs on sale at shopbop! Don't miss the opportunity to look this good.

If you want to revamp your wardrobe with not-so-basic pieces, you should always check out Mango's site first, their weekly new arrivals look like out of a magazine ad but without the expensive price tag, the pieces I'm about to show are classic jackets and coats but with an edgy feeling.


I don't know about you, but this trend always return for the winter season and we all wear until spring has sprung, these designers knows that and that's why they have created their own twist to this trend, from Jacquemus to Marc Jacobs, these are the bags that are already on my shopping cart!


Here is a trick to try all your favorite products for less before buying the normal size. In terms of makeup like highlighters and blushes, makeup products that we only use a tiny amount, always buy a mini version of it, it takes less space on your purse and you can be sure that you're to use it untik it's over. Take advantage of this holidays sales at sephora because they're almost sold out!


My favorite season it's coming and I know that we're all excited to wear our cardigans outside, the chic grandma style has been a favorite for a really long time and right now it's just getting bigger and bigger. If you love to feel cozy all the time, this is the right place for you, scroll down below to see just a few favorites for this fall/winter season!



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