There are many weddings this summer and if it is difficult to choose an outfit for the day to day, imagine for a wedding. I know it's super tedious to try to look sexy and elegant, without overshadowing the bride. Finding a dress with all those characteristics is somewhat complicated but we are here to help you with this task.  

First read the invitation well and see if the wedding has any subject or any requirement in terms of clothing, if you have to go formal, we have compiled some of our favorites from babyonlinedress so you do not have to search more and be clear about what you want to use in that day. And if you're on a budget here are some cheap evening dresses under 50. All our favorites have different styles but they fulfill the same objective, that you look super beautiful on that day and that those photos come out perfect. 

This color is perfect with a summer tan, it is time to show that body for which you have worked so hard this season.

If you're looking for modesty, this is not the dress. You'll show a little bit of leg, a little bit of  cleavage, so be prepared to receive some looks.

If shine bright is your second name, this is the dress you need.

If you're looking for a little bit of everything, cleavage, leg but with a romantic twist like the lace, this may be for you.

This and the last dress are so ready for a party, they're so shiny but girl, you're going to look so good in any of these.

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