Engagement rings change often, from sleek solitaires to sensational two-stone varieties and interesting cuts and shapes, there’s always something different that’s “in". Vintage engagement rings seem to remain a firm favourite, even with modern brides. From coloured stones like emeralds, rubies and sapphires to rustic, rough-cut and raw diamond rings, the choices are incredible.

Old-world rings are appealing for their unique character and sustainable way to buy such an important piece of jewellery. Buying an antique ring means buying a piece of jewellery that already exists instead of sourcing new stones and all that goes with that. What’s more, you just can’t beat the feel-good factor of finding a unique charm. 

Even if you just know you want an antique ring such as antique engagement rings Sydney dealers have in stock, though, deciding on the era, design and cut can pose a few challenges.To help you, we’ve put together a list of the most popular vintage engagement rings. You might just find yours!

Vintage Russian Rings

Cluster rings of diamonds and sapphires have been a popular choice for modern brides for some time. If you can’t quite picture a vintage Russian ring, think about Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s beautiful cluster ring. Not only did Kate revive the style, but it also made headlines when Princess Eugenie donned her Padparadscha diamond and sapphire cluster engagement ring, while Lady Gaga also wore a gorgeous sapphire and pink diamond cluster ring when she was engaged to Christian Carino.

Art Deco Emerald Vintage Rings

Emeralds are a popular stone for today’s brides. More and more brides are choosing vintage emerald designs for engagement rings as there aren’t that many modern emerald styles around. Jewellery experts say you shouldn’t choose an emerald for your engagement ring as it’s a lot softer than a diamond and can damage easier. However, it’s somewhat of a historical precedent. Even Jackie Kennedy wore an emerald engagement ring, as did the Duchess of Windsor.

Vintage French Rings

Solitaire engagement rings with prong settings have been popular since the 1880s. The main differences between vintage and modern looks can be found in small design differences that decorate the band as well as the quality of the centre stone. Vintage diamond rings are usually set with antique hand cut diamonds that are a little bulkier than today’s sleeker shapes.

Aquamarine Vintage Rings

This style surged in popularity when Meghan Markle sped off with her Prince Harry, flashing Princess Diana’s aquamarine and diamond ring. While this wasn’t Meghan’s engagement ring, she did wear it on her wedding day, inspiring many modern brides to consider an aquamarine ring as the perfect diamond engagement ring alternative.

Edwardian Cluster Rings

The main cost of an engagement ring tends to stem around the central gem. A vintage ring with a design motif instead of a solitaire is a wonderful way to find a unique jewel at an excellent price. Smaller stones, even those that are cut perfectly to fit the design, just don’t add up to the same sort of amount.

These are the most popular vintage engagement ring trends right now. Do you have a favourite?


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