If you're planning a wedding on 2019 you know how hard it's to find a dress for the bridesmaids, your girls may have different ideas on what to wear for your wedding and for us, pink is always a very romantic option if you marry on the spring season, it goes with the weather and the color suits everyone! Check out some of our ideas from MillyBridal UK for the bridesmaids down below!

This dress in particular is very princess, if your bridesmaids have the idea of a fairytale for your wedding, why not use this style? They will give a dreamy touch to your wedding and they will be very happy with your dress. Get this dress here!

This style is more elegant, the edges with lace add a more delicate air to the design without looking too old, the style highlights the figure and lengthens the torso making it look much longer and more stylized. - Get this dress here!

This is my favorite, the design is simple but it raises the color to another level of sophistication, it is very likely that your ladies choose this if your wedding is much smaller and simpler. Get this dress here! or check our more Pink bridesmaid dresses uk here!

The detail on the shoulders makes the dress look much more expensive, it is very likely that your bridesmaids love this design, it is perfect for any wedding! Get this dress here!

If you're a bride-to-be, please let us know in the comment below which style you would love to see on your bridesmaids! More Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses UK.


  1. Stunning dresses. All of them are so beautiful!


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