If you are the proud owner of a semi-formal prom dress, you will no doubt take it out of the wardrobe now and then, remembering that great prom night. This type of dress is never cheap and it can be somewhat heartbreaking if we never ever get to wear it again, yet fear not, there are other social occasions when you can wear that stunning prom dress.


Sooner or later, you will be invited to a friend’s wedding and this is the ideal time to get that red prom dress out and give it a dry clean. Weddings are classed as semi-formal occasions so you can wear your outfit with confidence, as it suitable for such an occasion. If your very first prom is coming up next year, there are stunning red prom dresses 2019 available at Peaches Boutique, one of the largest online retailers of designer clothing. Matching shoes and bag would complete the look and you are guaranteed to turn a few heads.

New Year’s Eve Party

More often than not, an end of year bash would be semi-formal and red is a great party color. Again, keep to red with black accessories and you can’t go wrong. If you have yet to select an outfit for this year’s New Year’s Eve party, then you can save yourself a lot of money by taking your prom dress to the dry cleaners.

A Charity Event

If you move in the kind of circles where charity events are part of the social calendar, your prom dress is the ideal choice. One could have the dress altered slightly, which would give it a new appeal, but a gown is certainly the order of the day and a perfect opportunity to do that gorgeous prom dress one more time. There are articles you can check online that offer ways to wear that prom dress, which will widen your horizon.


If you fancy yourself as a prize winner, wearing your prom dress might just be enough to convince the judges to award you the title. Beauty pageants are great for developing self-confidence and if you fancy making a living as a model, the pageant circuit is a must-have experience. Winning a pageant isn’t only about good looks, one must have an interesting personality and the red prom dress would be the ideal choice for the glamour wear section.

A Girl’s Night Out

If you attend a hen party, then go upmarket and you can wear your prom dress with confidence. Make sure to tell all your friends to dress up for the occasion and you are bound to be the talk of the town, and with the right hairstyle and accessories, you will be the focal attraction.

When you consider the cost of a designer prom dress, it does seem a shame to leave it hanging in the wardrobe and you can wear your prom dress at any of the above functions, making sure you get value for money from the dress purchase.

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