When I look at fashion week and all the style of all these editors, models, celebrities, there are some who obviously are taken from the latest collection but sometimes they are always those people who surprise us with pieces that maybe you can find, many will say "these are designer pieces, we can't all have that". I make this post for all those who think that a statement piece has to be from an expensive designer, there Zara, Nasty gal, Asos, H&M, they all have statement pieces.

Remember that those stores started bringing everything you want from the designers at low cost, what happens is we don't see beyond the clothes, you can find well-made pieces that seem taken from an expensive store just to look for, take 3 or 4 hours walking around shops or on your laptop thinking ideas and outfits, is not difficult, every fashion blogger do that.

Invest in statement pieces, not all your closet have to be an statement but with only a few pieces you will have outfits for dayssssssss and maybe they cost you $150 but is worth their cost.

Don't give up♥

Here some of my faves: