It’s always a little different to see a girl at prom dressed in pants or a suit rather than a dress, but why shouldn’t they wear what they’re comfortable in? Boyish girls can be the best dressed at prom. While it can take a little boost of confidence to pull off, there’s no doubt you will get plenty of compliments.

But, finding formal dresses for tomboys that will flatter and fit can be tricky. There are plenty of amazing cocktail dresses, long formal gowns and comfy short dresses – in fact, there’s a vast selection. We know that prom can be stressful. There’s so much focus that goes on the outfit. Even if you’re a tomboy considering wearing a dress, a single dress on a single night won’t really change your life. But, picking a non-traditional outfit, like a two-piece pants suit or a vintage dress can be the perfect solution. Just keep in mind that even if you do land up wearing a sensational dress, prom isn’t going to be the be all and end all of your life, just one of the special memories to carry with you through life.
Still not too convinced you can pull off a non-traditional outfit? Here are a few reasons to go for it:

So Many Options
Whether you are plus-size, petite or small, not relying on what’s on the racks of prom dresses can open your options up significantly. If you’re looking for something beyond a traditional prom dress, there will be a world of options for you. Visit Peaches Boutique in Chicago to see what’s on offer.
You Won’t Be Wearing the Same Dress as Another Prom Girl
Showing up to prom in a unique outfit, be it a feminine tux or something else, will ensure you aren’t wearing the same thing as anyone else.
You’ll Feel More Comfortable
Whether comfortable to you means pumps over heels or a more simple dress, you’ll get to wear your style and that will make you feel comfortable and confident.
You Can Choose Something Interesting and Attractive
Whether you decide to repurpose a vintage dress or you have something specially made to go with your unique, boyish personality, your outfit won’t just be beautiful, it will have a story behind it.
You Might Get to Wear the Outfit Again
With a non-traditional outfit, you may actually get to wear it again. Whether it’s perfect for formal events or a two-piece ensemble that you could separate, your boyish outfit could land up being far more versatile than a shiny floor-length gown.
There’s Just One Prom
You’re probably only going to attend one or two proms in your life, so ditch the idea of what you’re supposed to wear and pick an outfit you really want to wear. When you think of yourself looking and feeling confident and having fun, what do you picture yourself wearing? Go for that! Whether you’re stressing that it’s not quite for prom or you think it’s outlandish, here’s a tip – as long as it follows your school’s dress code, don’t even think about it. You may look back at your prom photos and be glad you maintained your individuality.

Whatever you choose to wear to your prom, make sure your comfort and style count the most!

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