Update Your Jewelry with This Necklace from the Brown Collection

 This new year I want to start creating my jewelry collection and I'm starting with this necklace from Brown, the Le Coin necklace gives you that french inspired look if you want to upgrade your look every day, you can wear it with anything from a t-shirt and jeans to a gorgeous summer dress. As brown says, 

"this new collection inspired by French culture, the effortless chicness of France is captured in each BROWN design. The newest collection pays homage to all that is Paris. Each piece of the complete collection features uniquely designed anklets, necklaces and rings with textures, and captivating clean lines. All pieces are handmade with quality products keeping sustainability at top of mind."

The Le Coin necklace will become a daily must-have in your life, like how not? The french style it's something that everyone wants and you can have it with one accesory.

Get to know more about the Brown Collection here on their website and Instagram.

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