Silicone Accesories are Back!

Who said fashion can't include silicone? If you are not in tiktok you will be able to see the new fashion that is to add small accessories from our childhood with children's designs to give more joy to any colorful style, if you want to look different and not look like others this summer this is what you need, In addition to being comfortable and durable, you will want to have them in all colors with unicorn designs, flowers and everything we used as girls that has now returned to remind us how beautiful those times were.

Plastic accessories have been a revolution on instagram with their designs from 2000, colorful flowers that give a lot of personality to any outfit you have, starting spring you may have noticed that everyone was on ebay trying to get these designs but not anymore you need to look elsewhere because NewtoPrubber has it all in one place, all those designs that we missed so much that remind us of all those times of innocence that can now be part of your adult style.

These are the best silicone rings that you will soon see on all social networks, from instagram to tiktok with the sweetest and most colorful style, full of flowers and drawings full of colors, no matter how old you are you will be able to use even one to accompany a floral dress or a top in prints of vibrant colors.

Even if you are a mom, you can add your style to your baby with this wholesale silicone beads in all shapes and designs of your child's favorite animals, you will be able to find many new things on this page and add it to your life to give it more color and more life around you and your friends and family.

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