My Bougie Valentine: Luxe Gifts for Her

After the holiday season, it is time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day! While we have come up with intentional gifts for our loved ones during the holidays, let’s keep those ideas going for intentional gifts for our partners for Valentine’s Day. 

Here are some coveted and luxe gifts to make her 2022 Valentine’s Day special.

Luxe gifts for her:

- Ember mug

Whether your partner loves a hot cup of coffee or tea on a daily basis or for a special something, having an Ember mug that will keep your beverage hot is a luxe gift that will get a ton of use. It keeps your drink fresh and avoids overheating and potentially ruining a beverage! 

- Luxury skincare 

Luxury skincare products are a special treat to add to a luxe self-care routine. You can find gorgeous products online, like the luxurious Blue Lagoon SPA products that will not only look beautiful on the counter or in a skincare shelf, but are also effective and amazing products to use. 

- Workout set

A new workout set is exciting to put on and is always a nice gift. Whether she loves workout gear or a more sports luxe set that she can use as both workout and lounge wear, a new set is something she’ll consistently reach for. 

- InstaGLO Toaster

The InstaGLO Toaster is an appliance that will level up your kitchen game. It sears your breads rather than risking burning and drying it out, and it gives you the option for which food product you pop in the toaster. 

- A plush robe

Every woman should have a cozy robe, and a plush one like the Barefoot Dreams robe is something that she will always reach for and want to cozy up in. This is an item that many women perhaps wouldn’t buy for themselves, but that they would love to receive as a gift.

- Towel warmer

A towel warmer is something that adds to the experience of self-care at home. Having a cozy and warm towel to wrap up in after a nice relaxing bath or shower can make an unexpected yet big difference. It’s a convenient way to get that ‘just out of the dryer’ feel on a more consistent basis. 

- An indoor garden kit

Whether your woman has a green thumb or not, an indoor garden kit is a great gift! She can keep herbs like cilantro and basil inside and have those at arms distance all year round. 

- New planner

A beautiful new planner is a great gift, particularly if you know the woman in your life already loves to use a planner but would love one that is a bit more beautiful. Spending a little extra on a planner that you know she loves is a thoughtful way to show you’re paying attention to how she moves through her daily life and treat her to an extra special something she’ll use consistently. 

There are plenty of items out there that even if she already owns can make for great luxe gifts as well. Candles, essential oil diffusers and bougie room sprays for example are also all great Valentine’s Day Gifts.

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