This is What We're Wearing Every Night

I can not believe I didn't find this website sooner, their entire collection it's what I needed when I was shopping for Christmas gifts, my friends and family member would be so happy to wear any of these pieces, and so am I! 

Newchic is my new shopping destination for a while, and my favorite part of their website is the soft touch ladies loungewear, you can't literally choose just one, you have to get them all, all the loungewear it's perfect for any day, they're so well made and the quality it's insane. 

You can see some of my favorite pieces down below that are already on my wishlist for the next month And if you were looking for a gift for a men friend or your boyfriend, the mens kimono shirt it's a style that always looks so good on men and maybe for us too, you can finally steal something from your boyfriend closet because you chose it! Keep scrolling for our favorite pieces!

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  1. I am loving all the cosy vibes!

    Danielle |


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