How To Maintain Your Hair Healthy and Shiny This Season

This season can be rough to our hair, we end up with really dry and bad looking hair only because of the weather but everything has a solution and we just found it. There's a trend on instagram with a hair care brand called Gisou, founded by the influencer Negin Mirsalehi and yes, we're just fall in love with an influencer brand.

 Gisou has everything we want at the moment, the packaging is instagram-worthy, the aesthetic and the vision of the brand it's all about the bees work and how they created the brand with the bee farm owned by her family. But this is not your regular influencer brand that it's hideous and does not work, her products are really good, she did a really good job creating this brand and I don't think anyone else has ever created something like this. It started with a hair oil and now she has shampoo and conditioner, hair masks and even a curling iron! If you want to try this brand, we totally recommend it! 

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