If there is something that makes me super difficult it is to drink water, I always forget and never find an effective way to remember and drink water often, my skin and my body need it but apparently my mind does not because it never remembers.

For this summer we are all going to be drinking water like crazy because it is going to be one of the hottest summers, we have been locked up for so long that our skin no longer recognizes the sun, that is why it is even more important to learn the habit of drinking water, I found a somewhat fun solution, it has existed since before but this is the one that has worked for me, this water bottles with times to drink 64 oz I found it in amazon and it has become my favorite, I always notice it because its color catches my attention and it has messages written on the bottle encouraging you to continue drinking water.

I have returned to drink water in something much more fun, I have had many other bottles in recent years but none like this, it is my favorite, I think that to learn a new habit you always have to look for fun so that it becomes easier for us to do it and in my case, remember it.

Obviously I am not perfect and this will take me time but I think I will already get the taste, I drink water much more often and my skin is grateful for it, my skin can change a lot depending on the weather and even much more if I am dehydrated, water is important and I think that sometimes we do not realize that we should add it to our routine, even if it is little by little but drink water to help our body work properly.

Our body is full of water but that does not mean that we have to stop drinking it, what's more, we need to drink water to recover all that liquid that we lose when sweating, when doing our daily tasks, we use a lot of energy and in the summer much more, imagine how horrible our skin would get if we didn't drink water every day? This is a message for you and me to buy more bottles of these and have them always on hand, so we can make sure we drink water every day without fail and at all times. 

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