This new season brings many trends but one of it never goes out of style, the classics in nude color that are timeless and you can wear for many many years and are perfect for any summer occasion, be it the park, the beach, or even going to a Outdoor cafe with your friends and you do not want to wear heels or sports shoes, this is one of the number 1 option in many countries, we are not waiting for it to be spring when we are already dusting off these precious things or adding new styles to our shopping cart.

There are many trends today, the styles of the 2000 are returning and now the chunky sandals are a staple in any summer closet, they are comfortable, padded, and make you look much taller which is a plus. They give you that support that low sandals don't give you, I can't be more excited for these sandals that our 2000's it girls wore!

Wedges are the perfect example of summer, they are that perfect combination with a dress with a flower print or any print really, they are very versatile, but it looks much better with white pants, whether they are skinny or straight, I don't know why but with white they always have that country or picnic style that we are looking for this summer.Woven sandals are also very popular this season, everything that has a nautical style is always in trend in the summer, they are cute sandals that you can have for years in your closet and you will always be able to use them no matter the year.

But if you want something unique and different, you can choose the option of vintage shoes, there if you will find different styles that you will not see on other feet, in many thrift stores you will find hundreds of options, from different periods, different styles, at Shoessee, you can find many styles from different times, sandals that were in trend for some time that you can no longer find in current stores, which makes it the perfect store because imagine that you find those sandals that you had years ago in this store that you've missed wearing but could never find again because fast fashion stores change styles every month, it's worth looking for.

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