Guess what? At some point in our life with need a good looking pair of sexy shoes that will make us looks like a 1.000.000 dollars, paired with a really cute dress you're ready for any date, event, wedding, going out with the girls, any ocassion you can think of, having a pair of these can save you on any urgent moment that you need to look presentable but still chic and maybe sexy who knows? 

A pair of heels it’s a must for many serious and important events, you can wear flats of course, but nothing like a good pair of heels that can make you look so tall, important and elegant, you will always stand out if you wear heels, I recommend you to create a small collection of classic and statement heels for future adult events.

There is a lot of types of sexy heels out there, from over-the-top to a really minimalist style that you can wear pretty much anywhere else, the thing here is to find that balance between too much or too simple, you can have bling and diamonds or nothing, suit yourself with our favorites down below, we got you all kind of styles and some boots because a pair of boots is always necessary, no matter what you wear. You can also score cute and sexy sandals on a daily basis, whether it's to go to work or going out to brunch.

These boots are BOOM, they are pretty stunning and with a black outfit? perfect!

There are so unique and the snake detail make it even more perfect! 

Simple but still pretty sexy, you can wear it with anything!

The classic black pump is always necessary, it's perfect and such a basic in terms of heels

Now, something more special classic but with a pop of color!

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  1. These are all so amazing, I am a sucker for all things heels!

    Danielle |


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