Silver has been a foundation of global wealth for as long as its yellow cousin, gold, which is thousands of years old. Sterling silver is very popular for making jewellery. Of course, silver is also a form of wealth (you can buy silver bullion and ingots), while it is also used extensively in many industries. Silver is found all over the world and is mined in much the same way as gold, although its value is, of course, much lower than gold.

Here are a few sterling silver facts that you should know:

1..      Sterling Silver is an Alloy – Sterling silver is not pure silver, rather it is a combination of 92.5% silver and 0.75% of other metals; typically, copper. You will always find the 92.5 stamp on sterling silver jewellery, which is a universal mark that ensures that level of purity. Search online and you’ll find unique silver jewellery at Corazon Latino, with many unique pieces that make for attractive accessories. Also, when looking at sterling silver jewellery, try to find the 925 stamp, which is found on all sterling silver jewellery items.

2.      Assayers’ Marks – Aside from the 92.5 stamp to guarantee purity, a silver item might have other marks, which tell you where the piece originated from. We know that some silversmiths used animals and other shapes to mark their work and the experts can usually tell you a lot about markings on any silver jewellery item. Antique silver jewellery might well have some strange markings, as jewellery makers around the world had their own unique set of markings to distinguish their work.

3.      Sterling Silver’s Price Varies – Much like gold, silver has a spot price, which changes all the time, according to supply and demand and if you have a lot of sterling silver, you are advised to check the spot price before selling. While silver can be stored as a form of wealth, its value is not as stable as gold and not many investors would store their wealth in silver.

4.      Sterling Silver is Stronger Than Pure Silver – Much like gold, pure silver is very soft and therefore not suitable for jewellery, as it scratches and dents very easily. As sterling silver contains 7.5% of other metals, it is harder than solid silver and is perfectly suited for jewellery manufacture.

5.      Sterling Silver is Easily Tarnished – Due to the alloy content in sterling silver, this makes it easier for sterling silver to become tarnished. Copper is a culprit for tarnishing as it oxidises when coming in contact with the air. You are advised to clean silver jewellery with a special silver cleaning solution, which is not abrasive and once a week will keep your sterling silver jewellery looking like new.

When you are looking to add to your sterling silver jewellery collection, check out the online jeweller who has an extensive catalogue of hand-made sterling silver jewellery at very affordable prices. One of the reasons why sterling silver jewellery is so popular is that alluring shine that means sterling silver goes with anything. 

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