Looking to add more ethical and sustainable designers to your looks? I know you may want something like Chanel and Versace but do you really knows how they make their bags? Real leather honey! What if we invest in some pieces that doesn't hurt anyone? Searching on the internet I found on the Net-a-porter site that they have a little page where they show sustainable designers and I just freak out because it's really exciting that they're changing and updating their designer with something different. I found this brand called Naturae Sacra, is a contemporary label based in Milan that takes inspiration from nature, sculpture and interior design. They're passionate about social and environmental causes and each of its bags is handmade locally in the brand’s native Turkey using traditional vegetable-tanning techniques and consciously sourced materials. It takes artisans up to twelve days to complete a single piece, which is testament to their meticulous and skilled craftsmanship. 

It's really good that these sites are joining this movement, we need more brands like this so the big ones make changes and we can help our little planet. These bags are stunning, take a look:

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