There is nothing that looks better than a man in a suit, that elegance, the bearing, the design of the suit that makes any man look like Henry Cavill, makes them look much more manly and that is what we like to see a man when they dress like this. I think the only thing that without a doubt is the best in the history of clothing, was when men always wore suits, more than 60/70 years ago of course. There were no jeans or t-shirts, all men wore dress pants and elegant shoes to go to work every day and they looked beautiful.

Now the suits have become a special occasion, there are prom suits for graduations, more casual styles for teenagers and gala dresses for events like weddings! Wedding suits  have been changing a lot in recent years as well, thanks to the latest trends in fashion week, styles have evolved in terms of fabrics, prints, cut, and design. They have become much more creative, the bride and groom want to look different and leave the classic behind but I like the classic, a black, navy blue or white suit if that person is going to get married, if you want to get an idea, you can scroll down below and see my favorites from allaboutsuit.

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