Boots are that piece if your wardrobe that you can have for years until they're falling apart, they last for a really good time, they're your good best friends the whole year but more when it's fall/winter season, this is where the prove they're worthy! When I'm looking for new boots ideas or what to wear this season when it comes to shoes, Shoessee is a really good site to look at, they have a wide range of boots with every style you can possibly need, literally, old trends and new trends all combined in one site. 

I like to spice it up with shoes with different styles, most of them black of course but we can never have too many black boots right? They're always adding something exciting and new to their women shoes selection, even if you're not looking for something specific you end up getting something because their pieces are so good.

Most of my boots have a little bit of heel, so I can look even taller but if you want some flat boots to wear to the grocery store or going out to eat but you don't want to look all dress up for something so casual, they have it too! Check out our favorites down below!


These are my favorites, they're soooo cool I going to wear these until they fall apart for sure, they have a dark vibe that's always on-trend, you need these ones.

You're looking for some countryside? These one paired with some skinny jeans, a lightweight sweater, and a jacket is the best outfit you can pull off this winter.

These are a classic one, they have been with us for so many years, if you want something more casual but still wearable with anything, these are the one for you my friend.

And last but not least, this over the knee is always a must-have, paired with a dress or a mini skirt, this is what you need for a special occasion for sure.

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