If you decided that this year you will be a dog mom but you know nothing about taking care of that lovely creature and there is so much information online that you don't know what's true and what not, we understand you, like they can't eat but what do if they eat by accident? Sometimes we have so much information that we don't know what to do with that and we're talking about another living creature that needs all our support, love and care, because they can be just a tricky as a human and they have special needs just like us.

 Why do pets have become one of my favorite websites to know everything about my dog, the food they can eat, outdoor and training, beauty, everything you need to know is there. They have content for every type of dog, what you can expect from your little bundle of joy while they grow up. They even have links if you are interested on trying different products from your dog, they're starting but their information are accurate and perfect for beginners! 

From the best dog harness for running to the best dog water dispensers, you can find several articles on their website that will help you so much during the first months of your dog and the rest of their lives! Don't freak out, when everything it's so new we don't know what to do, but with time and patience you will learn how to do everything in 5 seconds, you will remember all this information all the time in case you need it. This lovely creatures are here to be happy and make us happy too! 

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