When we talk about makeup, we always want to look perfect, that our skin looks shiny and porcelain, that our entire face is perfect, that our eyes have the perfect outline, that our lips look the way we want, that is why We see all those internet videos trying to learn all the techniques that exist to look our best and make our makeup look like an expert did it. But the only thing we need are the basic products that contain what we need, you need a base that adapts to your skin, your tone and the occasion, not too greasy or too dry, you need a color palette for your eyes in neutral tones, with basic colors that you can use for a long time without getting tired of them. Always check out wholesale makeup for more ideas of what products you want.

Lip products can always have all the colors you need, I think that one more lipstick is never too much, there are many shades with which you can play and you can also add the gloss to make them look much juicier, which is what we are always looking for don't you think? The sparkle is always present in makeup, whether in our eyes, our skin, our lips, I prefer it in the eyes but I always love to use an illuminator up my cheeks that make me look like the sun is on my face, in a clear subtle way.

There are many combinations that you can use depending on where you go, whether it is a more casual occasion you can only focus on the part of your face that you want to highlight the most, either the lips, or that the skin looks perfect, whatever option you choose okay, you can play all you want is your style and what you want! You must check out all the cheap makeup brands down below to see which one you want.


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