What do you like to use the most? Sandals or sneakers? I really am a sneaker girl, I like to wear those shoes everywhere, I really walk a lot, I do too many things every day and wearing sandals is not a very smart option if you are going to go from here to there, I have all kinds of sneakers, white, colored, casual to wear with dresses and jeans if I'm going out with friends and some more sporty if I'm going to wear sportswear.

I feel that these types of shoes have become an everyday basic, even for the office, in a clear but sporty-elegant way! Who would say you can wear classic sneakers to work and still look perfect? If you find the ideal shoes to combine with your work style you will have found infinite comfort! Every time I see my favorite bloggers and celebrities, they are wearing dresses, pants, all kinds of clothes but with sneakers! It makes me think that we have reached another level of style, where these shoes became everyone's favorite, the go-to for any place or occasion.

I use my sneakers shoes more than my sandals, and it does not bother me, I even love it, that it has become so normal that you wear sneakers everywhere and that they do not look strange to you for wearing a dress or dress pants with that type of shoes. Even the most acclaimed and famous designers in the world have added sneakers to their collections, combining garments that cost thousands of dollars with running shoes, have put that fashion into circulation and many brands are realizing that this is a trend that is here to stay and he is not going to leave very soon, he became a necessity, a must-have in every wardrobe. If you want to check all the sneakers designs out there, you must check out Shoessee, they have really cool designs and even vintage shoes inspired! we have chosen some of our favorites down below for you to see!


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