Mini tiny bags were a thing last year but, let's be honest, we need to carry many things and although the mini bag style is our favorite, my Id is not the only thing I need, but who said I can't follow the mini-trend in my own way? In these I can carry everything I want and much more, it doesn't have to be too big, Baginning it's my favorite place to find little cuties to spice it up my outfits every day, you can find a huge selection of small backpack there, and one of the trends right now is the clear backpack selection, they're the coolest designs online at the moment. Check out my top favorites down below!

This bag it's a classic! Shop this bag here!

Gucci vibes? This one. Shop this bag here!

Neutrals are always a must, and this is the perfect example of that. Shop this bag here!

If you're not into the mini trend, you have options. Shop this bag here!

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