I am always looking for unique and different pieces that add some flavor to my wardrobe, perhaps with a print or avant-garde design, right now everything is about minimalism and pieces with solid colors but what about color and patterns flashy that give you that confidence and make you look more attractive? That is why today I wanted to find pieces that maybe inspire you to try new things, to find new styles that catch your attention and that combine with you and the lifestyle that you may be looking for. If you have free time, this is the best way to find yourself and update! Scroll down below to see our favorite fashion women clothing, we're just waiting for the warm weather to shop these fashion wholesale at Feelingirldress

The print of this dress is simple but it is a step forward to what you want to achieve with your style, trying simpler prints at the beginning can help you visualize what you want to wear this spring-summer season. Click here if you're looking for plus size dresses wholesale 

This dress has a type of fabric that you do not usually see in stores in spring, but if you want to go out at night but do not want to wear something very dark or very serious, this dress of a good choice is simple but the fabric and the color gives it a unique and different touch.

This print is WAO, if you are looking to add this type of style to your wardrobe to look sexier but without showing too much and still enhance your curves, this is perfect, the print is unique don't you think? the mix between these two animal prints combine perfectly

and last but not least, this is the last step to vibrant colors, this orange is the color of summer, the print is fresh, perfect for warm places, if you are planning a trip to the beach this is a good example of what you can wear, if you have a cocktail or summer gathering, you can use this to show off your new style of the season.

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