If your style revolves around heels, you are going to love the styles that are on-trend for this new season, finally, we can say goodbye to boots and hello to sandals and heels! If something excites me about this is how beautiful are the pumps from NYUG, it is difficult for me to get creative shoes, which I know that nobody else will have because they are of a very particular style that not everyone has the opportunity to show off in your day to day, I am not afraid of trends or creating them, I love to experiment with my shoes, they are fans of all heels that are pointed, they make my legs look longer and I see myself higher, which I need because I'm 5'6 tall.

 I look great in heels, I feel on top of the world every time I wear my favorite heels, they give me confidence that does not fit in any room, shoes have that special power to make you look like you really want to be and not like boring shoes make you look, never wear boring shoes, they do not deserve you, if I have learned anything from watching fashion shows, street styles, and my favorite influencers, it is that you have to dare regardless of current fashion, because that trend is momentary, and who knows, maybe what you are wearing is the next trend. That is the good thing about fashion, which is always changing, renewing itself, there is always something new that is exciting, it does not stagnate in old fashions, it tries to make them better so that we experiment with our style over the years, if you are in your 20s, learn fashion, don't pigeonhole with a style, try new things all the time, maybe in 10 years you will see pictures right now and you regret not following your instincts! Check out how we're going to style our new favorite chunky heels down below!

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