Prom can be a big deal and buying the prom dress at the right time matters a lot. If you are looking to get something that is in high demand, then you will want to make the whole shopping experience as stress-free as possible by starting early.

However, there are also other top tips to help you decide when the best time of the year to start shopping for your prom dress. With a little bit of research with the help of search engines such as Google, you should be able to stumble upon articles that offer practical advice on the matter. With the right guidance, you know you’ll have plenty of time to find unique prom dresses for 2020 available online and catch your perfect dress early on. You can enjoy the preparation and finishing touches such as make-up, shoes, deciding which friends to go with and choosing your date! With your dress already in your closet, all the rest will be easy as you breeze through the months approaching your prom and focus on enjoying the experience.

When Is The Right Time To Purchase A Prom Dress?

Avoiding Peak Seasons And Times

When you start shopping, it’s important to avoid the rush if you can. Even though you may think it’s too early, we often suggest girls start looking for their prom gowns around January. If you wait for a later month such as May, you may not have a lot of time and before you know it, it’s starting to reach peak season. When this happens, popular dress styles you may have eyed upstart to sell out quickly and your choices get slimmer. So, if you want to ensure you get to have the right choice, start shopping as early as possible. You can always check a shop’s return policies if you want to trade it in at a later point when you see something you prefer.


When you shop early, you will be able to pre-order your style before anyone else even gets a look in. Just double-check with your retailer if they do pre-orders, and don’t forget to carry out enough research to know what it is that you want. Get some photos printed, take some inspiration for customer service staff and know what you prefer so when you get into the store, you can be directed to what suits you most.

Think About Putting The Dress Away

Many stores allow you to reserve a gown and pay later. It’s worth asking if you see something you love and can’t purchase it quite yet. This is part of the shopping logistics you want to consider and early on in the year when there is less demand can be the perfect time to reserve your dress and pay at a later date.

From special orders to getting dresses tailor-made, there are many things to figure out in between the whole process. However, starting as early as possible can help move things along quickly and ensure you end up with something you truly love and look forward to wearing.

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