The rings we use always have some meaning, maybe we bought it at a fair, it has a stone that represents us, it has a style that is unique and that you had not seen anywhere else, there are many reasons and lately, I have had an attraction to wedding bangs are too delicate and I don't know about you but I want to use five at the same time on just one finger of how precious they are. Mostly if you are engaged/married are these options, but do I need to be to use five of these? No, I do not need and that is why today I show you only 4 of my favorites down below!

This is what I'm talking about, it's delicate, you can totally wear three at the same time and it's going to look chic, the details are so delicate and well made, and the best part, you can wear it with anything! See more types of wedding bands for her.

If you think like me, you want something different for your wedding ring, something more vibrant, unique, that will stand out your hands and make the ring look even more special, something that represents you with the color of the stone, red it's a good example of that! See more Garnet engagement rings

Silver and yellow, the best match, the celebs like Victoria Beckham have this design, well, she's always changing her wedding ring but you understand me. This is something i could totally wear for the rest of my life, this Citrine engagement ring it's just too pretty.

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