A sweater is always a must for winter and even more stripes! We will be honest, we want to look presentable even when the weather is to stay in the house wrapped in our blanket but we can not stay like this all day! Winter despite being cold is one of the seasons I enjoy the most to dress, I don't know how many sweaters I have, of all colors and styles! Whatever the color of the sweater, it will always combine with pants, with jeans, with boots, with sandals, with whatever. 
There is something very elegant in winter clothes, if you use it correctly you can look presentable every day, you just have to know what style suits you. For cheap cute clothes (and basics) to wear this winter I always go to Luvyle, they have really good prices and you can create a transition wardrobe for less than $100. The thing I loved the most from their site are their cheap hoodies, they are so soft, really. But right now we're talking about sweaters, and of course, we have our top 5 down below, so go and check it out!


This kind of stripes are always my favorite, I really don't know how many striped sweaters I have in my closet right now, but I'll never get tired of it. Shop this sweater here!

A basic white sweater is a must, this fabric is so soft, it's like you're still in your bed watching netflix and drinking hot coco but in a cool way. Shop this sweater here!

A cool design can always make you look more stylish and polished, white and gray is always a good idea, no matter where you work or live. Shop this sweater here!

Warm tones are pretty much a basic, the combination of these colors are a really good example of that, if you have a tan this color would suit you! Shop this sweater here!

This is the coziest one, the color are obviously fall/winter vibes, it's a little bit oversized but that's my favorite type of sweater. Shop this sweater here!

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