If you're counting the days before you can storage all the coats and the sweaters to finally wear light blouses and sandals, we get you. We can not wait to feel and see the spring season coming and the winter leaving for good. Don't get us wrong, we love winter, is one of our favorite seasons but then, we just get too excited for all the new trends (and the warm weather) that we want to spring to arrive!
Today, we decided to update our closets, our outfits and our new year, new me moto with new styles that are already on trend at FashionMia and we're dying to wear. I'm a blouse type of girl but but I know some of you would prefer cute dresses instead but sometimes that depends on the day, the mood of that day really. If you're already interested on this, scroll down below!

Stripes would always be a trend on spring, whether is on a blouse, a skirt or maybe pants, is a necessity, if you check your wardrobe it's possible you have at least one thing that has stripes on it - Check out more fashion t shirts!  V Neck Long Sleeve Stripes Ruffles Casual Blouses $12.71

Flowy dresses are just perfect when you really don't want to wear pants or jeans and this one has a vintage vibe that I just love it, it's different and you can wear it with heels, flats or maybe sneakers, who knows? -  Turn Down Collar Plain Maxi Dress $21.80

This top really caught my attention, it has a really cool design and the material looks thin and easy to wear, it adds a nice touch to any outfit and it's pretty unique, you will not see this design on everyone -   Autumn Spring Winter Knit Organza Women Asymmetric Neck Plain Long Sleeve Pullover $21.21


Boho vibes are just a must have for spring and the colorful stripes just make the look a little bit more  fun and edgy without adding to much accessories or more solid colors to the outfit.

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