Even from a century ago, the process of marriage and what it means is changing. Nowadays, millennials are changing it up even more. As goals, values and identity roles change up, the marriage process changes slightly as time goes by.

 It’s fair to say that a good number of millennials are still fairly traditional in their views of settling down and getting married. It’s also important to know there is a significant up-rise of individuals in this age bracket that are doing things differently.

They are driven by their personal success, fulfilment and freedom before marriage. In fact, they are even questioning the institution as they begin to think more for themselves and defy the rules that are set before them. Despite this, there are still a large proposition of millennials getting hitched. If you are one of them and are still in need of a stunning engagement ring, is an engagement rings NZ provider worth checking out.

How Millennials Are Redefining Marriage

Due to various research studies, we can safely say that millennials are three times less likely to get married than their grandparents. They are postponing marriage due to a number of reasons such as not reaching financial stability or they simply haven’t met their match yet.

The youth of today are not compelled as individuals were back in the day however. There are several reasons why they are changing and how it is occurring. Here are some of the main reasons:

 They Place Personal Values Before Marriage

Millennials are big on achieving goals, working for freedom and reaching their own personal needs before getting fully committed. This means that people are now getting married at a later age and less importance is being placed on the arrangement. It also means that couples are more likely to move in together first, even have children, before they commit to marriage.

Also, the woman’s role in society is shifting. As more and more women are becoming independent and out for reaching their goals, women are compelled to study rather than marry quickly.

There’s A Heavy Emphasis On Digital

The digital revolution and rise in social media mean that millennial weddings will be techy and filled with photo booths and hashtags. Instagram and Facebook have also changed the way people plan out their weddings and may invite certain people. Additionally, it has drastically changed the way individuals plan and get inspired for their big day.

They Will Travel Overseas For Their Wedding

As airfares are cheaper these days, many couples choose to tie the knot abroad. This choice is becoming more and more popular and paradise destinations such as Bali and Hawaii are now popular wedding destinations. It also means that the couple can enjoy their honeymoon as part of their wedding.

As you can see, times are changing and values are too. Millennials are more likely to ask for intangible presents such as money and help with paying deposits rather than physical gifts too. These all go hand in hand with the changing lifestyle, needs and values of the current generation.

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