Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate romantic love, and for the man, it can be very challenging thing to select a gift that is suitable for the level of their relationship. One certainly does not want to send the wrong message, and with that in mind, here are some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for every stage of a relationship.

The First Three Months 

If you are in a relatively young relationship, avoid expensive jewellery, as this might send the wrong message. Perfume or chocolates are an ideal gift choice, which could be combined with an evening out enjoying a show in London. 

Three to Six Months 

You are now in jewellery territory, and with beautifully unique charm bracelets for women that can be found with online jewellers, you can select the perfect gift that she will treasure forever. A charm bracelet is a gift that can be given without the implication of a commitment to each other, and every year on her birthday and at Christmas, you won’t have to think too much about what to buy the woman in your life, as you can buy her a charm to add to her growing collection.

Six Months to One Year 

The relationship at this stage means you can purchase something of value. Sterling silver jewellery is always warmly received, which might include a romantic heart pendant or a personalised engraved bracelet or necklace. Precious stones can also be given, and if you know her preference, you can shop with confidence, whether she likes rubies or emeralds. Of course, diamonds are always a girl’s best friend, and there’s no reason why you can’t buy her some diamond earrings or a stunning diamond necklace. 

Longer Than One Year 

By now, you are both very familiar with each other, and if you have both talked of a future together, why not pop the question on Valentine’s Day? This would mean spending a considerable amount on a stunning diamond engagement ring and deciding on a romantic venue to backdrop your proposal. If marriage is not yet on the horizon, buy her some sterling silver jewellery and have a special romantic message engraved. When searching for suitable jewellery items, keep in mind her taste in jewellery, which should form the basis of your search.

Sterling Silver Jewellery 

Whatever the stage of your relationship, you can’t go wrong with sterling silver jewellery, and by having your own personal message engraved, you are making a statement. The majority of people who buy silver jewellery, buy from an online jeweller, which has several benefits when compared to visiting a traditional bricks and mortar retail outlet. Prices are generally 15-20% lower that the recommended retail price and with an online jeweller, you have a much wider selection of items to choose from. 

Whatever you decide, it isn’t long before Valentine’s Day and if you place an order with an online jeweller, you will receive the package in time to celebrate February 14th.

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