With the winter approaching, it is difficult to look chic and elegant with so many layers of clothing and the freezing cold. But today we come to help you, we chose five of our favorite Fashionmia coats! You can wear it with that sweater that you liked so much or long maxi dresses! A coat is one of the key pieces for your outfit, do not make that old mistake of buying the boring black coat, add some color this season, remember that not everything has to combine, depending on your day to day you can play with the color of your boots, the accessories, there are a thousand ways to look amazing on a budget this winter. Check out our favorite down below!


This one is my favorite! Is so chic and It looks so comfortable, perfect to pair with jeans and a white sweater or t-shirt. You can wear it with literally anything! Shop here!

A cream coat is a must have in any wardrobe, it is a basic color and a key piece if you want to look stylish without any effort this winter - Shop here!

If you're like me, you like big sweaters that make you feel like you're a teddy bear, but as soon as you put on your coat you feel like you have 10 layers of clothing underneath and it's kinda uncomfortable. But with this oversized coat, that's not going to happen! Shop here! - More women's outerwear sale.

Burgundy is one of the most popular colors for this season, highlights the color of your skin and makes your outfit stand out. Shop here!

This print will be everywhere this season, it's a design that not everyone knows how to combine, but in reality, you can use it with any basic piece of your wardrobe. Shop here!

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