Congratulations on your engagement! Today, we want to show you some of our favorite designs from Millybridal UK with a backless design. If you want to look sensual but not show too much, this is a good option, it is perfect if your wedding is the spring/summer season. This design is the favorite of many celebrities on the red carpet, so why not use it on your wedding day? You can have this style in any dress. Scroll down below for our favorite picks! 

This dress in particular, reminds me a lot of the Duchess of Cambridge on her wedding day, the difference is that this has an opening in the back, which makes it more sensual but at the same time elegant. Check out more backless wedding dresses here!

The details of this dress are exquisite, the embroidery makes it look more expensive and elegant, has a long tail with the same embroidery and a pronounced neckline.

This dress looks from the golden years of Hollywood, the detailed lace looks vintage but the design of the dress makes it look so much modern and stylish.

If you want to look like a princess, this is your ideal dress, has beautiful details on the bodice with a touch of pink in the tulle.

This dress has a simpler design but with a beautiful detail on the neckline but without ceasing to look elegant. For more Garden wedding dresses you must click here,

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