Almost every single person has a passion. Something that drives them, that never makes them bored, that they are always hungry to learn more about. For antique collectors, finding precious jewellery items dating back from historical eras is their passion. The circle is tight-knit and the majority of antique collectors do it for the love and rush of finding a rare gem from the past. These gems have stories and this builds up a great deal of mystery and intrigue around the piece.

When you see the collection at Kalmar Antiques, you are looking at pieces collected from a variety of passionate collectors. Being a family run business, over the decades their team has collected a range of antique and vintage pieces. From vintage Rolex watches to Art Deco earrings, you will find it all at this reputable antique jewellery dealer.

However, what are the main driving forces behind the love for this niche? Let’s find out…

Reasons Why Antique Jewellery Lovers Stay Inspired…

Historical Connection

To be considered as an antique, the item must be at least 100 years old. This provides a strong connection to history and the past. A great deal of collectors will be strongly interested in history and crave that feeling of nostalgia. The unique pieces they collect bring them closer to this time period and may even trigger various emotions.

Just as an old movie can trigger those warm nostalgic feelings whilst telling a tale of that time period, a ring can do just the same. There is a huge amount of sentimental value passed down throughout collections. Those who love collecting will treasure this aspect and find the story behind these pieces an alluring attraction.


For obvious reasons, antique items hold a great deal of worth. As items age, especially jewellery, the higher the price rises depending on the significance behind the piece. There are strong profits to be made if done successfully. Therefore, it’s a learning curve and a constant goal to acquire these pieces that will build the dealer’s bank account as well as their collection.

The Excitement

There’s nothing more exciting than finding a treasure. Discovering a rare antique item is like discovering a rare treasure before anyone else. There is almost a race against time to go out and search markets, antique stores, estate sales and more in search of the unknown. This is thrilling and keeps antique dealers passionate about what they do.

A Love For Craftsmanship

The beauty within several of these older pieces is outstanding. There were no factory processes that automated the creation of jewellery in those days. It boiled down to sheer hard work and genius designs. Originality was huge and much of the beauty can be reflected in the culture at the times. This is what draws the collectors and keeps them hooked.

The above are just a few of the many reasons an antique collector will pursue this route. If you are considering doing so, as you can see, there are many great reasons to embark on the adventure.


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