If you are thinking about popping the question anytime soon, your thoughts will soon turn to the engagement ring, which, of course, simply must be stunning! Yet it isn’t just the glitz and visual beauty that matters with an engagement ring selection, and here are some essential things to consider before making a decision on that very special ring.

  1. Practicality – Obviously, she will be thrilled with the engagement, and prising that diamond ring from her finger is not an option, and if she is an active person, you should look for something that isn’t too raised, and has smooth bevelled edges. If she prefers something with character, see the antique engagement rings in Sydney from Kalmar Antiques, an established retailer with a large stock of quality items, including engagement and wedding rings of all styles.
  2. Her Style – Is she a person that likes to show off fine things? If so, then a diamond cluster would be ideal, but make sure the claws are strong and that the central section is not raised, and will not catch on fabric as your bride to be dresses. One thing you can do, is to notice the jewellery she wears, as this will give you a strong indicator when selecting the engagement ring. If she is an outdoor person, and likes gardening, for example, then a solitaire is a pronged setting would be ideal. If she plays sports, or takes part in other strenuous activities, stay away from raised platform rings, as this will cause some problems. If vintage is her style, there is an informative article online that outlines things to consider when buying a vintage engagement ring.
  3. Ring Size – The engagement ring should obviously fit, which is something you will somehow have to ensure, and the best way to do that is borrow one of her regular rings without her knowledge, have the size checked, then return it as soon as possible. Alternatively, you might want to ask one of her friends to help you, as long as she can keep a secret.
  4. Insurance – This will no doubt be an expensive investment, and it makes sense to have the ring insured, and any online jeweller would be able to provide this service, for a small fee, of course. One must always remember that any valuable ring is very small and therefore, easily lost or misplaced, and by taking out adequate insurance, should the worst happen, you can simply replace it with an identical design.
  5. The Budget – Of course, you want something that reflects your union as a couple, and with diamonds included, it isn’t going to be cheap. If your budget is limited, spend some time browsing online jewellers, which is a little less expensive than buying from a high street store, and besides, they have a lot more in terms of styles and designs than any bricks and mortar retailer.

If you bear all of the above points in mind, your ring selection should be suitable, and if you buy from an online jeweller, you are likely to save some money.

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