Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or so they say, and if there’s any truth in that, pink diamonds are the very pinnacle of taste in precious stones, and if you buy a pink diamond for the love of your life, she will undoubtedly love you for eternity, which is how long the stone will last. These exquisite coloured diamonds are very rare, and it is believed the pink colour comes from millions of years of intense pressure bearing down on the stone, which gives it a pinkish colour.

Coloured Diamonds

Pink diamonds are assessed by three things, namely, the hue, saturation and tone. The hue refers to the primary and secondary colours, while the saturation is judged by the colour distribution, and the tone refers to the shade of the colour. Brown, orange and purple are the only colours associated with pink diamonds, and depending on the stone, any of these 3 tints can be found. If you would like to browse an excellent selection of top quality stones, there are authentic Argyle pink diamonds available at The Diamond Jewellery Studio, Australia’s leading online diamond retailer.

Argyle Pink Diamonds

While several countries are the source of such stones, the Argyle Mine in the northern part of Western Australia is by far the most productive in the world for pink diamonds. To give you an idea of just how rare pink diamonds actually are, they account for less than 0.01% of all stones found at the mine, which explains their popularity. If you are interested in knowing more about the mine, there is a detailed account of the history of the Argyle diamond mine, which happens to be the most productive in the world at the moment.

Huge Price Difference

The price of a medium quality pink diamond could be up to 20 times higher than a regular diamond, which is a reflection of the demand for such exquisite stones. Like anything that is rare, pink diamonds are very much in demand, and many high end investors look to pink diamonds for a sound long-term proposition. There are interesting articles online that discuss the high return on investment with pink diamonds, highlighting the high prices.

The Ultimate Gift and Investment

If you really want to delight your partner, a piece of jewellery with a few pink diamonds would certainly do it, and when you consider the value will never go down, and would likely increase more than you might think, it is a very wise investment. Of course, there are different grades of pink diamond, with some a very deep pinkish purple, while others that have a brownish hue, and with a simple online search, you can browse through an extensive selection of graded pink diamonds at your leisure, and if you see something that really catches your eye, a secure online payment is all it takes.

Pink diamonds have been found in Canada, South Africa and Brazil, yet the Argyle mine is without doubt the biggest source of such stones, and with Australia’s leading online retailer, you can browse the current selection, and even have a unique piece of jewellery created for that special person in your life.

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