Buying a prom dress can be a frustrating process, but looking for a dress in the right frame of mind can be a big help. Here are a few things to do before you go shopping.

  1. Do Your Research
Before you shop for your dress, do your homework. Head online to check out what colours and styles are trending. This can help prepare you for what you will come across when you go shopping at Peaches Boutique in Chicago or in any other retailer and it can help you to start thinking about the styles you like.
  1. Know Your Dress Size
Of course, this can be a challenge as there is no standardize size chart. While you may be a size 4 in one designer’s outfits, you could be a size 2 in others. Most cuts tend to have a larger fit, and many prom manufacturers make gowns with a junior fit, or slimmer cut. You can estimate your prom dress size by adding one or two sizes to your regular pant size. You won’t really know your true size until you start trying on different dresses.
  1. Get Help
It’s a good idea to have a little help when it comes to trying on high quality dresses. A knowledgeable sales consultant can be your biggest ally when shopping for a prom dress, and they will help guide you through the process of trying on different dresses and finding the best fit, as well as suggesting different styles and colours you may not even have considered. Keep an open mind and be open to suggestions and you could fall in love with a dress you hadn’t even thought about.
  1. Try a Few Options
You really don’t want to go to prom in a dress that is uncomfortable, hot, and puts a damper on your fun. Your dress should look sensational and you should feel comfortable, too. So, when it comes to trying on different dresses, walk around and sit down in them.
  1. Choose Your Shoes
You may want to choose your shoes before you pick a dress. Then, take the shoes with you when you try on dresses to make sure you don’t trip on hems, and you get the right measurements.
  1. Don’t Rush
Finding the right dress for prom can take time. When you do head off to the shops, make sure you don’t have anything else planned on that day. Trying to squeeze in dress fittings with other activities will leave you frustrated and overwhelmed.
  1. Stick to a Budget
Trying on a dress and then finding out you can’t afford it can be heart breaking. So, before you even look, pick a budget and tell the salesperson about it, or filter the online results to see dresses in your price range.
  1. Remember the Underwear
If you don’t want bra straps showing through the dress on the night of prom, be sure to pick out your undergarments. You don’t need to get them from the same place as the dress, but make sure you find out what will work best with the dress you pick.
  1. Take Someone with You, But Not a Group of People
It’s a good idea to get a second opinion, so book a friend or family member to go shopping with you. But, don’t book an entire group of people who could distract you, overwhelm you, or pressure you into getting a dress you really don’t like.

Remember these tips and you’ll be prepared for prom dress shopping!


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