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When I buy a new perfume I'm really picky about the smell, I hate strong perfumes and citrus scents. I love a sweet one that I can use thousands of times without getting tired. But I never found one in the middle, one that is not too strong, not too sweet and not too citrus, ultil I got the Mercedes-Benz Rose Eau De Toilette from the new Fragrance Market site, I'm obsessed with this website, you can get any perfume you want for so much less! Which it really helps our budgets, right?

So, I got a surprise for you today! You're going to smell really good this spring because you can get 10% OFF on your order at with the code 10OFFBEST. Thanks me later ;)

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  1. I didn't know Mercedes Benz made a perfume, I knew Mercedes were making cars...


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