Save that contour for later.

15 years ago makeup was pretty basic, only hollywood stars knows all the beauty secrets and still, have you seen those makeup looks from the 90's? Looking like a vampire was a thing I guess. But now, every beauty guru, makeup artist, anyone with internet can learn so much about beauty trends, you know, strobing, contouring, big brows, big lips, but the trend that never goes away is the natural looking makeup and why? Because is perfect for any ocassion.

Here is how to apply makeup for a natural look:

1. Healthy Skin: Moisturize

This is the first thing you have to do before makeup (You should not do it everyday, read this Refinery Post to know why), the key of the natural makeup look is a soft and glowy skin, exfoliate your face, apply the perfect moisturize for your skin can do so much for your health, you'll feel better and happier, trust me.

2. Bye heavy foundation, hello BB and CC Creams

After moisturizing, use a good CC cream to balance the tone of your skin and make it look more radiant, you can use some green concealer if you have dark circles don't worry.

3.  Eyebrows and Eyelashes

To make you look more awake, this two are the perfect combination, follow the shape of your eyebrows without exaggerating, remember that it is only to make them look fuller. As for eyelashes, you can use a eyelash curler and your favorite mascara (Please do not use it until you have spider legs on your eyes)

4. Subtle Eyes

If you want more attention to your eyes, choose an eyeshadow one shade darker than your skin tone, matte or not, to make your eyes looks wow without suffering with that eyeliner wing.

5. A little bit of pink on your checkbones

There is not bronzer or contour, only your favorite peach or coral blush and apply it really soft, A little bit of color on your cheeks will make your skin look more alive and obviously gorgeous.

6. Always wear lip balm

If you are like me and you always have dry lips, you will notice how they make us look paler and lifeless, a lip balm in your bag or clutch can make a big difference, you can buy one with red or pink tint to give color to your lips without making it look too excessive,

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  1. Beautiful natural makeup, it's also called "no makeup" makeup.
    I'm also a fan of natural and discreet makeup for day to day, office, etc., however I usually prefer just a little bit more color, so my style is natural makeup for eyes, and a bit stronger shades for my lipstick.

    Have a great weekend!
    Xoxo, Victoria



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