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I wake up almost every day at 5:25 am, I have dark circles and acne as many girls at 18 and I hate wearing makeup in the morning because first, I'm not really an expert and second, it would take half an hour to try to not look awful, so I decide to only use mascara, fix my eyebrows and lip balm. I'm Literally using only one product on my skin right now because I have decided to leave those creams for acne that only leave marks which doesn't help and I decided to say NO to my dermatologist about using those pills that make you look the most horrible face for months just to not suffer more acne, I would fall into depression just see my face like that and It may sound rude but don't need that s***. (Well maybe yes, but I will not want to leave my room for months, and I'm in college).

I write this because it is my blog, I know is always about fashion but I'd like to know more about beauty and skin care, I'm a fan of Into the Gloss, I read it every day but read doesn't make you an expert.

I was so happy when I found that the creator (Emily) had created his own line of skin care, but unfortunately I don't live in the US and I can't have it. So I decided to write this because I know many who read my blog, have passed or pass through this situation and I'd love to hear tips about which product or natural treatment has helped you.

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  1. I have horrible allergies and wake up with dark circles and puffy eyes pretty much every morning. The only things that have helped minimize it, besides concealer and YSL's touche eclat, are drinking a lot of water before bed and in the morning, taking my allergy meds, and getting the proper amount of rest. You can also look into a good eye cream that will brighten the area. Kiehl's makes a few that are really good, you would have to go to the counter and have them recommend one for your specific skin type and concerns. Hope this helps!

  2. This post was fabulous! Proper skin care is so important.

  3. Hi!
    I'm new to your blog and I don't know how severe your acne is, but I suffered from cystic acne 6 years ago. The only thing truly working for me was a treatment including a medicin called Roaccutan (Isotretinoin).
    The treatment's got horrible side effects but it cured me and even though I would never eat that ever again I'm happy I did it.
    So depending on what kind of acne you got, sometimes it is worth listening too the doctor's advice and eat the meds.

  4. Thank you for such a nice article. I will link back from my blog to your article.
    I would like to add a point as well. Some prescription acne treatments include Differin, antibiotics (like Tetracycline),
    and Accutane.


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