Since I was 16, my goal as a person has always been traveling, it is hard, the situation that is happening in my country is difficult, I would have to work for a year without spending nothing to afford a trip like that, but that's what life is about. You work all year to end up spending money on something you don't need or something you're not excited about, when I turned 18 I told myself trying to do something for me, something I really passionate, I always wanted to go to NYC or Paris, Amsterdam, Italy, London, Switzerland. Those places where many important things happened that changed the world.

My goal in life is traveling, meeting other places, that's what life is about for me.

What about you? What place would you like to go?

[Photo By Tobruckave]


  1. New York, Dubai, Veneza, Paris.. so many places, but those are the most wanted ones for me.



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