You don't necessarily have to wait until this time of the year to say thanks, in my country doesn't have "Thanksgiving" we wait ultil December to do that kind of celebrations, many people think "I didn't do anything interesting this year, I did nothing which I feel proud, I could have done better". I always feel grateful though I didn't do anything BIG for myself, I was happy despite several sad things that happened on my way.

I know that many make that list of "The other year I promise to do that, I'll go to the gym, I will change my style, I will improve my grades (I almost made it), travel to paris (this is a good one)" and the end of the year, the only change we make is ... cut our hair and reuse that piece of clothing you thought you'd lost.

Remember, do something for yourself this year and also thank you so much for spending a few seconds of your time to visit my blog.

Written by Asshly Rondon, an eighteen year old girl who wants to try everything this year, and only measures almost 5'9 tall (is said almost)


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