One week until Fashion Week and I want to tell you a few things that maybe you need to know..

Many people think they should have the last collection to wear it on the streets of New York at Fashion Week, unfortunately not everyone can be like Anna Dello Russo, but you can do your best to make your outfit look High Fashion, demonstrating a clear style of course.

There is much variety in terms of styles, I recommend mixing your own with little touches of what is being used, you can be minimalist, you can also be colorful, whatever you want. There are many options out there, you can take ideas from the catwalks of this year, maybe you'll find a style that you can afford.

Stop trying to look like someone else, you can take ideas but please don't copy, if you want to be photographed or be taken seriously in the fashion world, copying is not an option. I don't think it's hard to be you, you try that every day right?

It's not hard but not easy, everyone stands out in the way they want, whether you want to be photographed and be on the first pages of Street Style like or Le-21eme, is all about attitude, not pretend to be someone you're not, be cool but don't believe that you are the best of all, remember that around you there are a lot of people who possibly with your good attitude you can talk about you and what you do.

Do like forrest and run, be fast if you need it, talk, meet, interact, ask if you have any questions. Will be many like you, they will be willing to meet, or share with you, don't be shy, be confident enough to say Hello.

Who knows? maybe that day you make friends, share tips, remember this is all about making connections.
Most importantly, last year and this year was the big runway on Instagram for all designers collections, ALL shared what they did, how they did it and how much they had fun. I recommend you practice about how to take photos, how are you going to edit and what will you say in them, instagram is the first thing that people see when they waking up, some new followers don't hurt, don't you think?

Remember that this is a constant walk, some flats in your purse will not ruin your look for 5 minutes. The charger of your laptop, your phone, your ipad, your camera charger, maybe a chocolate hidden in a pocket, money for coffee and most importantly, your business cards are very very very important, who knows who you will meet there, maybe someone important.

Remember to smile, enjoy, be happy, learn and listen. 
This is an experience, all experiences are enjoyed and can also learn from them.

[Photos By Le-21eme]


  1. The best tips!! you are totally right! and now let's start with the fashion show :)
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  2. This is such good advice, if only I were there!


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