As a girl, we like to have, unique and different accessories make a difference in other people, whether it's a small detail, it will always be that little ring, or necklace that makes us feel special. There will always be that ring which you saved money to buy it, or how much you wanted that necklace, and finally you could afford it, that will always be a special accessory, either because you wanted for a long time, or your wanted, but you never thought to buy it for several reasons. And this is the reason why I write this, if you want something, fight for it, many will say that is something materialistic, but this world is to live it as you want, and have what you want, so to buy it girl. 

For my part, I really like vintage details, not only diamonds are the best friends of a woman, there is also the gold guys, and I want to introduce Évocateur, is a collecion with beautiful images and unique designs, they designs feature a refined eclecticism which reflects all the love of the traditional and the ancient, blended with the modern and contemporary, Évocateur create artisan jewelry and accessories feature 22K gold leaf and sterling silver leaf embellished with vintage jewelry, striking images and other found treasures.

Founder and designer Barbara Ross-Innamorati, began to create their designs as a hobby, thus becoming reality soon after, many years ago, as a student in London, she saw an exhibition of the paintings of the Expressionist artist, Gustav Klimt, que captured her imagination "Since That Time, I have been passionate about and fascinated with gold leaf-the way it can transform even the most ordinary of objects into something extraordinary, almost magical.". She says create accessories that have a story to tell, some of the accessories were the result of his travels to Africa, Europe and Asia, all the designs have a sophisticated and unique spirit, each piece, a work of art, is truly one-of-a-kind.

If you like it, check out the site here!

Photos By The Évocateur Site


  1. nice jewellery!! ilike the bright vivid colors

    nice post ... Greets Jon,

  2. This jewellery is beautiful, I love the necklace!
    Tiana x


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