Let's talk today, I can't see a person using thousands of clothing at the same time, just because it's Dolce & Gabbana, Prada our Miu Miu, and repel everyone around, including that taxi that was taking me home. I see many new bloggers, showing styles that are not of them, just to get people to notice their blog, my type of style that I like it is like a normal dress with a coat and a regular heels, really normal, just me, I know that I just have 18 but I just love how I look, my favorite is J.Crew.

There is nothing better than being weird, in my country what comes out of fashion that is what people use and makes a thousand copies of that, I buy most of my clothes online, I'm different, I live in a small town where most of the people buy the first thing that that everybody is buying in the store, you don't know how many times I would like run away from that place.

I can't change the style of that people, but I can make my own, away from all those things that everyone is using because the neighbor has it, sometimes my parents don't understand my style but nothing here is what I like , I would love to wear coats every day, I LOVE coats, but it is very hot here so I only use my varsity jacket.

Not so long ago I saw several girls starting blogs, and I will not say that the clothes were not cute, but she had too many clothes on, I was like girl, what are you doing? please don't, you're trying too much!! If you wanna look casual (to me haha) use those boots with a coat and a normal sweater with black pants, done! that makes a difference, and looks amazing, you don't have to use all the brands in one outfit darling.

Sooooo, tell me you have a friend like this? What do you think of that?


  1. Beautiful Blog !! and great layout! Lets follow each other?

    Have a look

  2. Love your post, Asshly.
    People should wear whatever they want to wear, brands don't create an style but the person who wears them.


  3. great post Ash i really feel the sme way


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