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Many people are in love with this girl, is the sensation of the moment, is a girl from Poland that is now a model, so I make this post about her because what I like about his style is, when she wants it she can look STUNNING, but still has a normal taste in casual, is one of those girls that looks good with whatever goes down, which I admire, if you like her style or not tell me in a comment why.

Muchas personas están enamorados de esta chica, es la sensacion del momentos, esta chica de Polinia que es ahora una modelo, so hice este post sobre ella porque lo que me encanta de su estilo es, que cuando ella quiere puede lucir despampanante, pero sigue teniendo un gusto normal en lo casual, es una de esas chicas que luce increíble con lo que se ponga, lo cual admiro, si te gusta su estilo o no comenta y dime por qué.


  1. She is the one from the blurred lines video and

  2. I love her style, and she is so hot!
    Tiana x

  3. There was a good article about her in the New York Times recently:

  4. So stunning and sexy. I can see why everyone loves her!!


  5. Love all of the outfits! :)
    So lush, I've followed you via bloglovin doll, hope you do the same.

  6. Love her outfits! I didn't know her.

  7. I've never seen her before either. She's stunning.


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