I want to introduce you to a person that I've met recently, his name is Anya Furman a Ukrainian woman who from an early age had always been a fan of fashion, thanks to her grandmother who was a very famous couturier in Soviet Union, has always kept in mind the glamour of  fashion.

Me: When did you realize that you were interested in fashion?

Anya: "At the same time my grandmother's clientele was traveling a lot, buying beautiful and colorful fabrics. I was 4 when I saw beautiful prints of Pierre Cardin just brought from Paris, it made a huge difference from everything I had seen before, I think in that exact moment I understood fashion was my destiny."

Me: So how did you come to Italy and what happened?

Anya: "Actually there was no place in Odessa where I could study fashion design for real, so I decided to change the profile and went to the state university to study languages and journalism. My second degree is in e-commerce and web design.

After I have graduated I determined to move to Italy. In 2001 when I came here, I didn't know anything about the country, didn't speak Italian. So I decided to make something with what I had- and I had a great passion for fashion and knew Russian, with all this "wealth" I opened a personal shopping agency for Russian tourists.

It was one of the first agencies of this type in Italy, so I became famous in one second and there were a lot of foreign magazines writing about my work. Since some of the clients had their own shops in Russia as well, they were asking me to find some brand, or something new and particular, thus I became a fashion buyer. After 2 years my buyer agency was one of the most popular and I was making fashion researches not only for Russian market, but for the European and North American one."

Me: You've worked hard, you've created something innovative? was difficult for you?

Anya "I've been working both for big chains and little boutiques, and the last ones sometimes were offering custom made pieces, so I've been asked to try making something innovative and fresh. By time I've been asking to design more and more-in this way I became a fashion designer and made my own studio in Milano. 

After some time I started working for some Italian and French brands and fashion groups but it was very hard to became a creative director without fashion education. I made a very hard decision- I left all my businesses and went to study fashion design. 

To be short, I made two courses of one fashion school-fashion design and patterning, in the second school I made a course of haute couture sewing. After the first year already I've been invited to make a probation at Gucci and Marc Jacobs in the accessories' department. I graduated with the maximum amount of marks 30/30 and almost immediately became a creative director of one very famous Italian brand."

Me: You are the creative director at all, you should be proud of what you do at this moment. In how many collections you've been, created or designed in all this time?

Anya: "Actually during my carrier of fashion designer I always was a creative director of one or even two fashion groups and at the same time developing collections for other brands. During last ten years I made more than 60 full collections and I took part in more than 100 capsule collections and projects.

This year is very important for me because my fashion design studio has increased its staff and we moved to a very beautiful openspace in pre-Alpes. We made a complete rebranding(changed the company name) and restyling of the site. Adoring challenges, I became an international fashion correspondent for L'Officiel Ukraine, writing about the latest trends. My last article is about Milano fashion week, I've been at all Milan defile, it will issue in February."

Thanks to Anya for this interview, It was a pleasure meeting her and I know everything that happened to get where she has come.


WELL! This woman represents for me, hard work, and if you want something, you work hard and you risk, you can get to get what you want, the way is never easy, it never was, but if you want something really and it's your passion have to follow it, that is all that a person needs to become what they want, passion. 

If you want to know more you can visit Anya page WWW.THESARAFAN.COM

*All pictures from THESARAFAN site*


  1. Great interview, and so inspiring. It shows it's never too late or impossible to go or your dreams :) B x

  2. Brilliant post and interview!

  3. Such a good interview, she has great pictures too!


  4. Great article, Asshly!) Thank you very much for this interview, I really enjoyed speaking with you!)


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