When I talk about my hair, I'm not of those classes who cares much your hair, keep it neat and clean, mostly I'm the kind that goes to the hairdresser and I apply a treatment. I would tell you that once I cut I thought I was going to look good, but it was quite the opposite. I have a lot, but too much hair and looked strange, I wanted to cry.. but in the end of the day the hair grows. 

But the wait was too long, everyone tell me that it will grow, but was not growing as fast as I wanted.. My friends all had short hair, but wore extensions, which looked like interesting to me because it looked so real, so I said why not?

And I think it was the best decision, and the best thing is that they last a long time, of course with the necessary care, could create curls, could create hairstyles, and no one noticed my extensions. When my hair grew, I kept using my extensions because it gave the feeling of volume, so if you're somebody who has thin hair, is totally recommended to use extensions, creates the illusion of more volume and no one notices.

If you want a good extensions, I recommend you www.seekhair.co.uk, are of excellent quality, they have a lot of option, they are not that expensive and the best part is that they last a long long time.


  1. Great tip! I'm in the process of growing my hair as well and damn, it's painful at times!


  2. It looks great. Long hair is lovely, although sometimes I wish for short hair. But, I'll keep it long :)) You look great xx

  3. I can't wait for my hair to grow back :)

  4. I agree, hair extensions are the best thing to ever happen to me! Such a life saver, still wish my real hair would grow though :(

    Sophie xx

  5. It is so difficult to deal with hair cuts that don't turn out the way we want them to. :( But hair does grow, and extensions definitely are a good way to fix it up while your hair grows (and just for daily wear too). It looks great on you :)

  6. it looks great and pretty...love it! it's nice for summer hair too...

    margareta vania
    asian fashion beauty blogger

    drop comment on mine if you like ;)

  7. I really like your hair and your post.
    I'm trying to grow longer my hair this period.
    I know that long hair might be difficult most of the time but I love them!


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